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Don’t let our zebra stripes fool you. We know color! 

Click on a color below to learn its color-motions and meaning.

Colors and shapes are recognized instantly, along with their inherent meaning.

When we are developing a brand, we make sure your colors will not clash with your message. 

Colors evoke specific ranges of emotions

What messages are you sending with the colors of your logo, brochure, corporate décor, website and advertising campaign?

Does your color palette reinforce the brand personality and story you are telling?

Warm Colors

Are attention-getting, active, aggressive, and known as high-arousal colors. Warm colors have longer wavelengths and appear closer. 

Cool Colors

Have a calming effect, frequently used for backgrounds to set off warm colors. Used together they can look clean and crisp. 

Clarity, cleanliness, minimalism. It is actually the absence of color. The human eye sees white as a brilliant color.

Powerful, elegant, classic. It is all colors. Black objects appear heavier. All colors are brighter against black.

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