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Why do we have cats on our marketing website?

A very large percentage of the money you pay to MDVC Creative goes to support Cat Behavior Solutions- a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to preventing cats being surrendered to shelters due to behavior issues. Check out the great work they're doing here:


We love cats!

In fact, here's 7 ways we're a lot like a cat:

  1. Loving & Caring - we love our clients and work hard for them to love us too.

  2. Curious - it's important for us to ask a lot of questions so we learn your industry and business goals.

  3. Playful - we think it's important to have fun and love what we do and not take ourselves too seriously.

  4. Adventurous - we're not afraid to try new things, break boundaries, keeping cutting edge.

  5. Smart & Intelligent - we've been at this for a while and frankly, we know what we're doing.

  6. Friendly - (yes, cats ARE friendly) we deliver our service with a smile.

  7. Agile - we know every project has parameters - budget, timeline, goals - and we're good at taking those parameters into consideration as we begin work.

Ever since 1998 we've had a cat in our office. From the kitten rescue, turned office mascot, Boss, to our current El Jefe, Tabasco, we've always been graced with feline office companions. 

We have a "Kitten Rescue" room in the MDVC building where we often foster kittens from Dallas Animal Services who are too young to be adopted. The warehouse area stores a large supply of the items donated to Cat Behavior Solutions that are shared with their clients and cat rescue groups. Our President, Molly DeVoss, is a CFTBS (Certified Feline Training and Behavior Specialist) and volunteers all day Saturday and Sunday at Dallas Animal Services, serves on the Dallas Animal Commission, and handles the pro-bono cat behavior cases through Cat Behavior Solutions.

Studies show that having a pet in the office helps reduce stress, and the action of petting animals boosts good immune function. The presence of an office pet encourages people to take work breaks and pets act as social catalysts for human interaction. And young kittens exposed to a variety of people, noises, situations, etc. tend to grow up to be adult cats with fewer behavior issues.

Stop by and pet a cat today!

Molly rescued Boss as a tiny kitten

Boss indeed, had staff

Boss sported a rhinestone personalized collar

Tabasco, our current office feline, was rescued from the SPCA of Texas

Dallas Animal Services foster litter of kittens from Spring of 2015

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